Families Displaced by Iranian Army Shelling at KRG Border – A vast area has caught fire due to the bombardments

Basnews English –  11 Aug 2016 – ERBIL — Several dozens of families have been displaced from their homes after the Iranian army once again started bombarding the border areas of Kurdistan Reign on Thursday, local officials say.

“Following the arbitrary bombardments of Berkama and Barbazin villages in near Sidakan subdistrict by the Iranian artillery forces, a number of farmers and nomads have been forced to flee the area,” said Karwan Karim Khan, Director of Sidakan subdistrict. He confirmed to BasNews that until Thursday evening explosions have been heard in the region where a vast area caught fire from the bombardments. Emergency teams have been deployed to the area to provide assistance to the people, with Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) delivering basics to those who escaped home. Since the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (KDPI) Peshmerga forces have resumed their military activities against Tehran, the Iranian army is regularly shelling the KRG borders, claiming that it is targeting KDPI positions in the area.