Disarming not on agenda, Ocalan means not conducting army operation against Turkey: KCK spokesman tells Kurdpress

Kurdpress 28 March 2015 – Abdullah Ocalan is not addressing disarming. His words are claiming his good willing. If Turkey negotiates over Ocalan’s 10 pre-conditions and takes steps and proves its good willing, then it’s the time that I can state we can stop armed struggle completely. The Kurdistan Communities congress (KCK) spokesman made the following remarks in an exclusive interview with Kurdpress. Demhat Agit explained more about the peace talks between the Kurdistan workers’ Party (PKK) and Ankara and disarming the PKK.

The negotiations, as you are well aware, are at a sensitive stage. A delegation from the peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) was due to take Ocalan’s letter to Mr. Barzani (Kurdistan Region president Massoud Barzani). Is the PKK aware of the letter and what role is Barzani to play in the talks?

We generally expect the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to back the peace process more than ever. Turkey would have to take steps if the KRG takes a stand against Turkey.

This is the first issue. The second issue is the notional congress. The letter has been written to make Kurds united and be able to overcome their problems cooperatively. The content of the letter is on these issues. We are not aware of the content of the letter in detail, but we know that the Kurds National congress is the main topic.

Ocalan has pointed, in his statement, to disarming congress? What measures the PKK has taken in this regard?

First of all, I should say that there is not disarming in Ocalan’s remarks. His words are expressing good willing. If Turkey negotiates over Ocalan’s 10 pre-conditions and takes steps and prove its good willing, then it’s the time that I can state we can stop armed struggle. As you are well aware disarming and stopping armed war are to separate and different issues. And it would come true if Turkey takes steps on the 10 pre-conditions.

Mr. Sabri Ok and a number of the PKK leaders have stated that the party’s leaders should meet Mr. Ocalan for the next round of the talks. Do you think it is possible at this situation?

In fact our main and basic condition is that the PKK movement leaders should meet the movement’s leader (Abdullah Ocalan) on the peace process and all the meetings should be direct and without any mediators and we have repeatedly stated that disarming, withdrawal, or stopping war is only possible by Abdullah Ocalan. If Turkey government takes positive steps about the 10 conditions, Ocalan, himself, should attend in the congress and he should be able to ask the PKK fighters and be able to convince them to do so. Now, no one but Ocalan can convince the PKK guerrillas to stop armed war against Turkey.

What Turkey is now maneuvering on a lot is the disarming. If an agreement would be made how comprehensive the disarming would be? Will it include other Kurdish PKK- affiliated movements?

Our move is a freedom- seeking national more. War against Turkey is only a part of the move and national struggle. Although war against Turkey would stop, it is a different issue. Our plans and activities are not like this in other parts and our activities would continue. The speeches ( I made) only include Turkey. Since our attempts do not include only a part of Kurdistan. If Turkey takes steps in the mentioned conditions, it would definitely impact on the three other parts of Kurdistan. Turkey and its leaders are playing a very destructive and negative role against people in Kurdistan. We can state that Turkey’s intervening polices have been one of the main reasons we have not been able until now to make a peaceful situation and a continuous governing system in Syria Kurdistan. Turkey’s role in Iraqi Kurdistan and Iranian Kurdistan has always been negative and if Turkey takes steps in this regard then solving Kurdish issue would be easy in other parts of Kurdistan.

Mr Erdogan (Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan) claims there are differences between Imrali (where Ocalan is imprisoned) and Qandil (the PKK base in Iraqi Kurdistan), what’s the PKK stance?

It’s clear that the words are far from reality. That Qandil and Imrali have differences and think differently is a policy by Turkey to plant disagreement and put pressure on Ocalan. If they claim that there is such a disagreement then why they do not allow us to meet leader (Ocalan) directly. We follow Ocalan teachings and lessons. Each of his words is considered a teaching for us. As I told Turkey is to make pressure on the leader and build difference.

What is the PKK plan, if the peace talks come to a dead-end.

we have many alternatives and plans. We are stronger than ever in Turkey and Turkey’s Kurdistan and we are at the top in the middle East. So we have many things to say by people and the November 6 and 7 incidents, in protest to Kobani developments, would likely repeat. Surely there would be no peace process if Turkey aims defrauding and killing time or making electoral gains; and people’s uprisings would re-start and sever crises would be built. We want to solve Kurdistan issue through relation with Turkish state and government and if the government fails to do it we would continue it and bring it into a result.

Interviewer: Murad Broki Milan