PRESIDENT ERDOGAN WARNS NATO – “We should work harder than ever in order to equip NATO with the right perspective and power necessitated by its global duties.”

Date : 21.11.2016 – Source : Vatan – President Erdoğan addressed NATO Parliamentary Assembly Autumn Session in İstanbul.

Following are highlights from Erdoğan’s speech:

-Repercussions of xenophobia and Islamophobia have transcended the borders of certain countries. Sooner or later, this fire will come to us as well. It is imperative that institutions review their structure in a period when threats are becoming globalized and balances of power are changing.We should work harder than ever in order to equip NATO with the right perspective and power necessitated by its global duties.

These meetings play an important role in the achievement of alliance policies. The fact that this meeting is held in İstanbul is a message in itself.

NATO has never been an organization of defence against the common terrorists only.

-I would like to once again thank our friends who expressed their solidarity with Turkey after July 15. Terrorist organizations pose a threat for all of us and require a joint response. We trust you in our fight against FETO and its affiliated structures. All of our friends should take the necessary precautions. Unless necessary precautions are taken, you may face the same threat in the future.

We cannot accept terrorists running in the corridors of the European Parliament. We need stronger support in our fight against terrorists.

We have no territorial aspirations on any country. Based on our experiences, we are trying to destroy terrorism at its source. If we fail to succeed in this struggle, terrorists will shower the world in fire and blood.

We have welcomed more than 3 million Syrians and Iraqis who fled their countries. Yet other countries pledged only small amounts of aid.

-Weapons manufactured by our friends are in the hands of organizations designated terrorist organizations by Turkey in Iraq and Syria. We know the serial numbers of these weapons. They either say those were weapons given in the old days or that they did not accept the PYD and YPG as terrorist organizations. Can you say that a terrorist is good because it is fighting against another terrorist? We have a historical, cultural unity with these countries. We are related by blood. We know who is striking Aleppo but does not the West know that those living in Aleppo are the relatives of those living in Gaziantep and Kilis?

-It has become inevitable for the UN to be restructured to ensure a more effective fight against crises. We cannot leave the fate of the world to the decision of a single country. All 196 countries have a right in this.”