MESOP SOUTH KURDISTAN (IRAQ) : NO MISTAKES ANYMORE ! – Mistake to return Kirkuk to Baghdad would not be repeated: Peshmerga commander


29 Sept 2016 – MESOP – A commander of the Kurdish forces of Peshmerga told Kurdpress in an interview that the Kurdish forces would not repeat the mistake of letting the northern province of Kirkuk to be under the control of the Iraqi government in Baghdad.

The deputy commander of brigade 2 in Kirkuk’s operational 5th axis in Mam region, Sergeant Edris Muhammad, reiterated that Kirkuk is a Kurdish province and Kurds in the north would not return the control of the province to Baghdad.

There are few Kurdish regions that are not under the control of Peshmerga forces, adding that the region from the north of Iraq to Hwaija is Kurdish and we would not let them to be controlled by ant other force than Kurds but the problem in that the Kurdish population in some regions have decreased due to problems and that situation has made our duty difficult, the commander added.

He stated that the Islamic State (Daesh) is financially and militarily defeated but it launches sporadic operations to say it still exists, reiterating on the capability Peshmerga forces to attack regions under Daesh control. Muhammad further blamed some tribes for aiding Daesh which uses them to enter a region and conduct suicide bombings. Erdis Muhammad put stress on the significance of the two cities of Hwaija and Mosul but reiterated that the operation to liberate Mosul is of more significance as it is close to Syrian and Turkish border. He concluded in the interview that Mosul should be liberated in a sweeping operation as there are one and half million people living in the city and that makes any operation to liberate it difficult.