Kurdish Private Company Buys Ishik Schools / Gulenists no longer run the educational institutions in Kurdistan Region

Basnews English – 19 Sept 2016 – ERBIL — A Kurdish private company has bought the Ishik educational institutions in Kurdistan Region that were affiliated with the Gulenist Movement in Turkey. A source revealed to BasNews that Khoshnaw Group, a local private company, is now the owner of Ishik schools and universities across Kurdistan Region.

He did not reveal further details on the deal and the future administration of the institutions. Nearly 40,000 students are attending the Ishik educational institutions in Kurdistan Region, and pay high tuition fees. After Turkey accused Fethullah Gülen of plotting July’s failed coup attempt, the government called for the closure of all schools affiliated with the US-based cleric, including those in Kurdistan Region. Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), however, said it will take the necessary measures to address this issue while taking the interests of the students into high consideration.