Davutoglu stresses on solving Kurdish issue

2-9-2014 – Kurdpress – Turkish new Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu stressed his government is determined to bring an end to Kurdish conflict in the state.

 “Strong steps aimed at solving of our country’s domestic issues, with the resolution process being in the first place, will be taken with determination, and our position in the world race will be strengthened as a nation. Our nation is an inheritor and carrier of a great civilization, at the center of which unity and fraternity in plurality exist,” Davutoglu said, while reading out the preface of the program of the 62nd government of the Turkish Republic at Parliament yesterday, Hurriyet daily reported.

Along with the preface and conclusion, the 189-page program was divided under five titles: Advanced Democracy, Humanitarian Development, Livable Spaces and Environment, Strong Economy and Pioneer Country. A subtitle under the Advanced Democracy section, the “Societal Integration and Resolution Process,” was entirely dedicated to the process aiming to end the three-decade-long conflict between Turkey’s security forces and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).  With release of the new government’s program and after a law providing a legal framework to the ongoing negotiations with the PKK and giving partial immunity to state officials involved in the process went into force in mid-July, the 12-year old AKP government apparently now feels ready to officially leave its fingerprints on the yet-to-be-completed-process.  “The Resolution Process is in a unique, key position for unification, but not for separation; for growing but not for waning; for integration and being able to become a regional power, but not disintegration … We aim to break the privileged citizenship order and realize the understanding of equal citizenship and common understanding of belonging. This process will reveal a new consciousness of belonging through a psychological restoration,” stated the program.  “We, as the 62nd government, will continue with this Project of Fraternity wholeheartedly,” it added.