The Iraqi Communist Party calls for confronting the heinous crimes committed against our people in Mosul

The Political Bureau of the Iraqi Communist Party has issued the following statement today, 19 July 2014:

We have followed with great concern the horrific crimes that are being committed by the terrorist organisation known as “Isis” against our people, especially what the people of Mosul, Christians, other religious and ethnic minorities and civilians in Mosul are suffering since this organisation seized control of the city more than a month ago.

According to reliable information that we have received from Mosul, hundreds of Christian families fled this morning (19 July 2014) towards the safe areas in Nineveh province and the Kurdistan region after being threatened by “Isis” terrorists that they would face death unless they convert to Islam, leave the city or pay a religious levy!

The information confirms that the terrorists seized the properties of Christian families, including houses and money, and took away the belongings that displaced people tried to take with them. They completely burned churches and anything connected to them.

Thousands of families had already fled and left their homes in the city of Mosul for fear of being targeted by the terrorists who spread fear throughout the city. The displaced people are today living under very difficult and cruel conditions.

While condemning these heinous and horrific crimes that are being committed by the terrorists and their allies against the people of the city of Mosul, especially Turkmen, Christians, Yezidis and Shabak, and express our great solidarity with them as they face this difficult ordeal, we emphasise the following:

  • The need to undertake the broadest possible media and solidarity campaign, on the national and international levels, to expose the barbaric crimes and practices and the horrific violations of fundamental human rights carried out by “Isis” gangs. Various activities should be launched by political, social and cultural movements, organizations, parties and personalities, as well as by the state and its institutions. This should be accompanied by emphasizing the need to strengthen the spirit of brotherhood, cooperation and the bonds of collaboration and solidarity between all the people, especially with the Christians and ethnic minorities among our people.
  • Providing adequate humanitarian aid and proper shelter for the displaced people in various areas of the country. We stress the need for coordination with the Kurdistan Regional Government in this regard, away from political differences.
  • Urging the relevant ministries and institutions to inspect the situation of displaced people, meet their needs and overcome the nasty bureaucratic procedures in this regard.
  • Supporting the efforts of international aid organizations, facilitating their tasks and providing the means to enable them to access the areas of operation.
  • In view of this tragic situation experienced by wide sections of our people and the heightened risks as a result of the activities of the dark forces that are hostile to humanity and civilization, it is the duty of the federal government and all other state institutions to play their role in protecting the civilians regardless of their affiliation.
  • The political forces must speed up the formation of a broad national unity government that works according to a comprehensive national programme in order to heal the national fabric, resolve the differences that have paralysed the national effort, and adopt a host of political, economic and social measures that will strengthen the armed forces and enable them to regain control as soon as possible of the cities that were ravaged by the terrorists.

These developments have revealed the falsehood of the assurances promoted by some forces and parties with regard to the practices implemented in the areas controlled by “Isis”. The true nature of these practices, that are abhorrently inhumane and aim to take the country centuries backwards, has been exposed.

The real aims of the terrorist organisation “Isis” and the big threat it poses, not only in Iraq but for the whole region, have now become abundantly clear. This makes it imperative for the Iraqis to come together in order to confront and defeat it.

Baghdad – 19 July 2014