MESOP : Self-government is not the dictatorship of one party = PKK / PYD ! – ‘Sinjar People’s Assembly is a hope for return’

ANF/FERHAT ARSLAN – BATMAN 01.02.2015 – With the establishing of the Sinjar People’s Assembly, Yazidis who fled the ISIS attacks in August and are now living in a tent city in the Beşiri district of Batman province, say they are ready to return to an autonomous Sinjar. Religious leaders of the Yazidis say the people are excited by the opportunity of governing themselves and are thinking of returning, calling on young Yazidis to join the defence of Sinjar.

The establishment of the Sinjar People’s Assembly has created hope of return amongst hundreds of thousands of Yazidis who fled the brutal attacks of ISIS.Leaders of Yazidis living in the Qorixê tent city in Beşiri spoke to ANF.Pir Şemo said: “In the event of the People’s Assembly set up in Sinjar being more inclusive it will be an opportunity for us to return home. Whatever the reason, some people cannot stomach the idea of autonomy for the people of Sinjar. If it hadn’t been for the guerrillas of the HPG, YJA Star and YPG and YPJ fighters, hundreds of thousands of people would have been massacred. It is therefore necessary for the Sinjar autonomous region, without the direction of any political structure, to be accepted. We want to govern ourselves. We hold the KDP responsible for the massacre. If only we had had our own government and secured our own political and military security. We hope that soon Sinjar will be liberated so that we can return.”

Şemo Simo said that the formation of the People’s Assembly in Sinjar had excited them. He added that Sinjar should be autonomous and that a canton should be set up as soon as possible. He asked why the KDP fighters had fled when ISIS arrived, adding that if they had stayed Yazidi women would not have been sold in slave markets. He said that the only chance they had of guaranteeing their future was to have an organised structure of their own.Xêri Mahlo criticised the KDP’s opposition to the formation of the People’s assembly in Sinjar, adding that they had not forgotten the KDP’s responsibility for the massacre. He added: “The assembly is a great hope for us to return. We never wanted to leave Sinjar in the first place! Can we abandon Lalesh? If we leave our holy places we will die spiritually. The destiny of Sinjar should be left to the people of Sinjar. And no political group should object to the decision of the Sinjar People’s Assembly. Otherwise, we will think that these groups that abandoned us to our fate do not want the people of Sinjar to return.”