ERBIL — 9 Okt 2016 –  BasNews – Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) has allegedly executed a female guerrilla of its own after she attempted to escape the party and failed. A source, speaking on condition of anonymity, told BasNews that the victim was from Van, a Kurdish city in southeast Turkey, and was given the name “Ronahi” by PKK.

Ronahi was the head of PKK’s unit called ‘Kurtak Martyrs’ and she was captured in the areas of Doli Ballayian, near Choman district of Kurdistan Region, while attempting to flee PKK, the source claimed, noting that she was executed right where she was caught.

The area where the incident took place is near the mountainous areas of Qandil, where PKK’s bases are located in northeast Erbil province. In order to prevent its fighters from leaving the party, PKK usually imposes capital penalties on those who no longer wish to stay. During the past decades, there have been several reports of such punishments by PKK.