American & United Nations officials blasted Hamas throughout Friday for shattering a 72-hour ceasefire after the terror organization attacked Israeli soldiers – killing at least two and kidnapping one – 90 minutes into the truce. White House Spokesman Josh Earnest condemned the seemingly pre-planned abduction plot, which involved the use of civilians and suicide bombers for diversions, as a “barbaric violation of the ceasefire agreement.” Secretary of State John Kerry subsequently issued an official statement “condemn[ing] in the strongest possible terms… [the] outrageous violation of the cease-fire.” U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon issued similarly worded remarks, “condemn[ing] in the strongest terms the reported violation by Hamas.”

The kdinapping will trigger a cascade of diplomatic and geopolitical consequences. Qatar was reportedly central to crafting the ceasefire, and – per an assessment in Israel’s left-wing Ha’aretz – “now finds itself in the embarrassing situation of explaining why it can’t control its client and deliver the goods.”

 Doha’s regional standing and posture may suffer accordingly. The Egyptians meanwhile were the official brokers of the ceasefire and observers believe they are considering diplomatic retribution. Cairo has kept its border with the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip closed throughout the day. The most immediate consequence of the attack has been a renewal of Israeli action against Hamas infrastructure throughout Gaza and especially around southern Gaza, as Israeli forces attempted to prevent the kidnappers “from finding a safe haven from which they can start the process of making demands” for the return of the kidnapped soldier, Hadar Goldin. Broader Israeli moves in the coming days and weeks are nearly certain. Gershon Baskin, who is broadly considered one of Israel’s top negotiators on Hamas matters and was a key figure in the talks over perviously kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit, tweeted almost immediately that the Hamas fighters behind the attack had “just signed the death sentenced of many Hamas leaders. There will not be another Schalit deal.”