July 22, 2014 – MOSCOW,— – Russia does not exclude the possibility of the emergence of an independent Kurdistan if Iraq breaks up, but generally supports the territorial integrity of Iraq, said deputy foreign minister Mikhail Bogdanov.

According to Radzhab Safarov, the general director of the Center for Iranian Studies, independent Kurdistan is a Western project. “This project can explode the entire region; the US and Israel, and to a lesser degree, Turkey and European society are interested in it. An independent Kurdistan can catalyse processes in Iraq, Iran, Syria and to some extent in Turkey. Many states are interested in this chaos,” the expert said.

The expert finds the Turkish position on the Kurdish question surprising because it has suppressed the Kurdish question on its own territory but is trying to influence Iraq through Kurdistan and has agreed to purchase oil from Iraqi Kurdistan.

“We hear every day in Europe and the US about the territorial integrity of Ukraine, but the West forgot about the integrity of Iran. Russia and Iran are not against wide autonomies within the state of Iraq, they are better than the precedent ofa break-up,” Safarov said.

Turkish experts Shaban Kardash and Togrul Ismail in their conversation with VK said that there is no contradiction between a solution of the Kurdish question in Turkey and the cooperation of Ankara with Iraqi Kurdistan. According to the head of the Center for Strategic Research of the Middle East, Shaban Kardash, the growing connections with the autonomy in Iraq help to keep peace in the Kurdish provinces of Turkey. Togrul Ismail, however, said that the position of Ankara on Kurdish separatism and its relations with Iraqi Kurdistan are not connected. “The current government of Turkey is trying to strengthen its positions in energy direction that is why it is negotiating with the group of Barzani,” the expert said. “But this does not indicate a resolution of the Kurdish question, because the influence of Barzani over Turkish Kurds is minimal.”