MESOP : ROJAVA REPORT – (PYD) YPG: We Will Fight Together With The People Of South Kurdistan

Firat News – 11.6.2014 – Following the capture of Mosul and Fallujah by the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) the YPG has released a statement declaring it is ready to defend South Kurdistan against attacks from these gangs.ISIS forces captured Mosul earlier today after beginning a new wave of attacks on Saturday. Earlier in January the group captured the entirety of the city of Fallujah and neighborhoods in the city of Ramadi, both in Anbar province.

A written statement released by the YPG’s General Command earlier today read, “scores of our citizens of South Kurdistan were martyred and many more wounded as a result of savage terrorists attacks committed against YNK buildings in  Xaneqin, Celewla and Tuz Hurmatu. In addition the massacres and forced migrations committed by gangs with the support of dark forces against the citizens of Mosul province is an attack on the Kurdish people. These attacks are an attack against all the gains of the Kurdish people.”

The statement goes on to describe how the ISIS, with support from dark forces, has been attacking the Kurdish people for over a year, reading “we as the YPG have been struggling against the attacks of ultra-radical groups for a year and a half. We have said many times in statements directed toward all parties that the ISIS gangs have a plan to attack the Kurdish people and that their goal is to destroy the Kurdish people. We are resisting these gangs, we have gained much experience from this and our fighters have written history with their blood.”

We Will Fight On The Same Front As the Peşmerge

The YPG General Command said that it was ready to provide support to South Kurdistan, saying “YPG forces share the pain of the people of South Kurdistan and offer their condolences to the families of the dead and wish a speedy recovery to the wounded. We declare now that we will stand with the people of South Kurdistan and the peşmerge against these gangs. We declare that we are ready to support the South and we are ready to send military experts to the South in order to help.” Finally the YPG General Command called on the people of Kurdistan to grow their unity and, staying away from party interests, to resist together.