MESOP REPORT : SHAME & TROUBLE IN TALABANI’S KITCHEN / PUK’s “majority leadership” issues counter declaration to opposing faction

By Rudaw  – 2 Sept 2016 – ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan’s (PUK) majority group led by Hero Ibrahim Ahmed, spouse of the party’s leader Jalal Talabani, issued a statement on Friday about the ongoing tensions and rivalries in the party. The statement is in response to Thursday’s announcement from an opposing faction within the PUK which declared the establishment of a new decision-making body in an apparent effort to wrest control of the party from the Talabani family.

Kosrat Rassul Ali, first deputy of the PUK, and Barham Salih, second deputy, formed the decision-making body which they say is backed by several members of the PUK politburo, leadership committee, and MPs.

Below is the full text in the response from the “majority of the PUK’s politburo.”

‘An explanation from the majority of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan’s (PUK) politburo.

Dear PUK Members, relatives of Martyrs, honorable Peshmerga, public opinion of the Kurdistan Region, friends and supporters of the PUK.

Yesterday, September 1 2016, as our leader Mam Jalal returned home and as Peshmerga forces honorably are defending Kurdistan, while various regional dangers are ongoing against our nation, with a tough economic crisis engulfing the region and our people suffering from it, unfortunately a number of PUK leadership members released a declaration in the name of a “decision making body” which has angered us all.

In order to make our nation and political forces aware about the legitimate and official stance from the PUK, the majority of the politburo members met today to discuss and solve the issues and hereby we announce:

First: Declaring any organ or body which is not approved according to the PUK’s bylaw lacks legitimacy.

Second: Such delicate subjects which were mentioned in [the decision making body’s] declaration has never been discussed at the PUK’s politburo or the leadership meeting, and this declaration has not received approval from the [PUK] central council. Even though there has been no call for immediate party congress for such question. Therefore:

By this declaration, we announce that: in order to keep the internal situation of PUK calm, the PUK leadership council will hold an ordinary meeting to find a real solution in line with the party’s bylaw to announce the policy and stance of the PUK.

We also expect all the officials and leadership members to welcome our call for an authentic solution. We are sure PUK will prevail in the end prolonging its democratic and just struggle in the political arena.

The majority of the politburo

Patriotic Union of Kurdistan


The leadership faction of the PUK includes several politburo and leadership committee members.

The poliburo members are: Hero Ibrahim Ahmed, Mala Bakhtyar, Omer Fatah, Rafat Abdullah, Dr. Najmaldin Karim, Aso Mamand and Saadi Ahmed Pira.

The leadership committee members are: Fareed Assasard, Parwin Babakir, Parwin Kaka Hama, Sherko Mirwais, Wasta Rassul, Khalid Shwani, Begard Talabani, Haremi Kamal Agha, Latif Sheikh Omer, Ala Talabani, Sirwan Kwekha Najim, Saman Garmyani, Rahbar Saeed Ibrahim, Blesa Jabar Farman and Wasta Hassan.


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