MESOP REPORT : PUK ASKS PKK FOR FIRST AID – PKK delegation in Sulaimani to mediate in PUK dispute (CEMIL BAYIK?)

By Rudaw  10. Sept 2016 – ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – In an effort to end a dispute between rival factions of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), a high level delegation from the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) was reportedly dispatched to Sulaimani for “mediation.”  “A few days ago, a high-level PKK delegation arrived in Sulaimani and met with officials from both groups,” a well-placed PUK source told Rudaw.

Recently, the party’s deputies, Kosrat Rasoul Ali and Barham Salih, formed a decision-making body in an apparent effort to wrest control of the party from the majority of the politburo, led by Jalal Talabani’s spouse, Herro Ibrahim Ahmed.

The source, who is a member of the decision-making body group, added that “The delegation came for mediation, meeting with Kosrat Rasoul and Dr. Barham from our side. They also met with our friends from the other side.” “It seemed that the PKK delegation had initially mistakenly understood what we had done. Therefore my friends clarified everything to them, telling them that our intention is to make reforms within the PUK and nothing else,” he said.

There were reports that Cemil Bayik, from the Group of Communities in Kurdistan (KCK), led the PKK delegation, but Rudaw could not confirm this. The KCK is an organization founded by the PKK to put into practice jailed leader Ocalan’s ideology of democratic confederalism.  Jameel Hawrami, another PUK official from the breakaway PUK wing confirmed the PKK was one of many groups trying to mediate between the two factions. “PKK, like many other parties, is trying to mediate among the PUK groups.”Hawrami did not disclose who was among the PKK delegation but he was hopeful that the two groups would be able to reach a negotiated agreement. “We are optimistic that we will reach a solution after the Eid holidays, because the situation in Kurdistan requires us to be united.” Kosrat Rasoul Ali, first deputy of the PUK, and Barham Salih, second deputy, formed the decision-making body, emphasizing that any decision made outside this body is deemed illegal. It is also backed by several members of the PUK politburo, leadership committee, and MPs.In other efforts to merge the rival factions, a delegation from Tehran was sent to Sulaimani to mediate and asked them to establish a presidency board to manage the party.