MESOP REPORT : ORGANIZED BY PKK HEADQUARTERS IN BRUSSELS / Aldar Xelil on behalf of TEV-DEM – Syrian Kurdish PYD party holds 8th congress in Brussels

BRUSSELS,— 25 Sept 2016 – The 8th Congress of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) [Partiya Yekitîya Demokrat] Europe Organization has begun in Belgium capital Brussels. The congress which will last two days is attended by a total of 700 delegates, 135 of whom are women, coming from across Europe, Scandinavian countries, Greece and Bulgaria.

PYD co-chairs Asya Abdullah and Salih Muslim, PYD European Representative Zuhat Kobanê, TEV-DEM’s Aldar Xalil, KONGRA GEL co-chair Remzi Kartal, Greek Party Syriza’s Antonios Markopoulos, HDP’s Kemal Aktaş, Party Demokrati Kurdistan’s Ali Herori, TJK-E’s Dilşah Osman, Sinn Fein’s Emma Clancy as well as representatives of many other parties and institutions are also attending the congress.

The congress began with one minute’s silence in memory of internationalist fighters who fell fighting in Syrian Kurdistan [Rojava] and Kurdistan Freedom Struggle.The opening speech of the congress was held by PYD European Representative Zuhat Kobanê who saluted the attendees and said their presence revealed the fact that they all march together in the freedom struggle.PYD co-chairs Asya Abdullah and Salih Muslim spoke later, in Kurdish and English, and said the followings in their joint message:

“PYD has made a remarkable progress during 13 years since its establishment. 12 March 2004 resistance revealed that PYD could be a leading party in Rojava. The administrators and members of our party that enhanced the resistance in the jails of the Ba’ath regime without hesitation, and brought the struggle up to this point. This success has been proved by the revolution in Rojava and Syria. PYD is not an ordinary nor authoritarian but a democratic, libertarian and social party in the Middle East. It gives a struggle based on ecology, society and women’s freedom against reactionism.”

Syrian Kurdish PYD party holds 8th congress in Brussels

PYD co-chairs pointed out that their party aims to resolve the Kurdish question in Rojava and the Middle East, saying the followings: “PYD is based on democratic paradigm, which is led by Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan and means freedom of women and all peoples. We have fought up to date against the mindsets that have an anti-democratic basis and disintegrate the society in the name of religion. We will continue giving the same struggle and realize the project of democratic society, the achievement of which means the success of all cultures and societies. An unrelenting resistance was waged in Rojava against ISIS fascism and other groups, and this battle was led by the YPG and YPJ. Let’s give an international joint struggle against this fascism.

In Rojava, we want a federal and democratic system in which all identities and cultures can live freely. The experience of Rojava and Northern Syria could set an example for the entire Syrian territory. Everyone should know that the Middle East and Syrian problem cannot be resolved unless the Kurdish question is resolved.”

PYD co-chairs also put emphasis on the importance of women’s struggle, stressing that the Rojava revolution is the revolution of all women, and all its gains must be protected. “Women could be the assurance in Kurdish people’s creation of a libertarian and democratic system.” Speaking after, Aldar Xelil on behalf of TEV-DEM pointed to the freedom struggle in Rojava and Syria, saying: “We do not want the division of Syria. On the contrary, we want a democratic and libertarian system. This is what we are fighting for. We can lead a common and free life only through this strategy.”