Meeting between Yezidi leaders & representa​tives of the KRG

27-8-2014 – By Telim Tolan: On behalf of General Qasim Shesho, commander of the Yezidi Defense Forces at sanctuary Sherfedin and accompanied by Hasim Mir Tashin Beg, son of the secular leader of all Yezidis, Mir Tashin Beg, Telim Tolan, leader of the Central Council of Yezidis in Germany, has met today with representatives of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).

On this delicate mission, he was accompanied by Pir Nasir, authorized representative of General Qasim Shesho. The KRG was represented by Masrour Barzani, oldest son and closest advisor of the president and head of National Security and Secret Agency and Sidad Barzani, brother of the president, government spokesperson as well as leading member of the security forces and secret service. Topics of this meeting were the following disputed points. There was mutual consent on the fact that all efforts of the KRG up to now were insufficient and urgently need to be intensified. In addition to this, it was said that support must be sent to the Yezidi Defense Forces at Sherfedin, immediately. Further, the establishment of a protection zone, the opening of the borders to Turkey and the delivery of the desperately needed relief supplies to the Yezidi refugees were discussed.

Moreover, the KRG promised to thoroughly analyze and explain the circumstances of the withdrawal of the Peshmergas from Shingal. In the scope of this topic, Telim Tolan insisted on the fact that it was the lack of the Peshmergas’ resistance that enabled a genocide on the Yezidis in these enormous proportions. Furthermore, the president’s confidants promised to do everything in their power to free the abducted women and children from the captivity of the IS terrorists as soon as possible. The members of the KRG promised immediate and comprehensive improvements in all discussed topics. Tolan emphasized that these steps must be followed by the creation of an extensive recovery program for Shingal. The Yezidi leaders will present a detailed concept of the recovery program in a separate meeting, which will result in a binding contract with the government.

Hasim Beg, Pir Nesir and Tolan will be satisfied with this meeting under the condition that these words are turned into actions immediately. Henceforth, it is important to monitor the implementation of the agreements made during this meeting.

In a separate report, we will inform you about a meeting between Telim Tolan and the Religious Council and a meeting with the US Consul General in Iraq, Joseph S. Penningtion.

Thank you very much for your support during these difficult times.

Telim Tolan is leader of the Central Council of Yezidis in GermanyFor more details, please contact Songül Tolan: +49 1577 682 1848