MESOP : Remarkable KRG/Barzani success in EU Brussels

KRG to Participate in EU-Iraq Government Meetings / EU & Baghdad have agreed to accept KRG in any future agreement or meeting related to Iraq

Basnews views – 26.04.2015 – BRUSSELS – The European Union (EU) and Iraqi government have agreed from now on to include the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) representative in future diplomatic relations and meetings at all levels. Dlawar Azhgayi, the European Union representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) , told BasNews on Saturday that from now on Kurdistan Region will have a representative in any EU meetings and agreements regarding Iraq.

“After many years of excluding KRG representatives from their meetings and conventions, the EU and the Iraqi government have now agreed to accept the KRG in any future agreement or meeting related to Iraq’, said Azhgayi. Azhgayi added, “Since the diplomatic cooperation deal was signed between Iraq and EU in 2012, the KRG’s presence has always been denied in any meeting or agreement. However, after the Iraqi Kurdistan President Massoud Barzani addressed this issue during the last EU meeting, as well as a follow up by the KRG’s representative to EU, now the Iraqi government and the EU are both agreed to accept the Kurdish representation within their diplomatic ties at all levels from ministries to special professional committees.” The Kurdish official described this as “A successful diplomatic achievement for KRG”.