Assad Regime intensifies assault on Ghweiran / PYD

Regime and PYD forces attempted Wednesday to break the holdout neighborhood of Ghweiran in Al-Hasakah city from several fronts, chiefly from the east and north, an activist who asked to be identified as Amir told Syria Direct. As of publishing, regime and PYD soldiers were still battling for the neighborhood. 

Regime warplanes continued their day-old bombing campaign in the neighborhood, resulting in an unspecified number of casualties,
according to the pro-opposition monitoring group Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Pro-regime Syria Now quoted an unnamed military source Wednesday saying that “the goal of the operation [we began Tuesday] is to remove militants from the city of Al-Hasakah. Ghweiran is the only neighborhood that contains militants.” “The operation will end quickly,” the source added, “seeing as civilians have left the neighborhood, which makes executing operations much easier.”Although anti-regime sentiment exists in Ghweiran, it is unclear which rebel faction holds sway over the neighborhood.