Rebels to Kurds: Stop Cutting Off Fuel into Northwest

23 May 2016 – MESOP – Aleppo’s rebels also demanded on Sunday that the Kurdish militia YPG stop its blockade of oil into opposition areas of northwest Syria.

The Fatah Halab operations room said it would target Kurdish checkpoints if trucks were not allowed ot transport fuel. The rebels offered to form a monitoring committee with the YPG to ensure the flow of traffic.

The Central Court in oppositon-controlled Azaz, near the Turkish border, said an agreement had been reached with Kurdish officials to lift the blockade; however, the YPG failed to recognize it.

The YPG has cut off oil, coming from areas controlled by the Islamic State, which is traded for food from opposition territory. Hundreds of trucks have reportedly been parked, waiting for permission to move.Kurdish groups reportedly reached a deal over the weekend to allow fuel to be moved into the Kurdish-controlled Afrin canton, bypassing opposition areas.