Report close to CIA: Iraqi military commander preparing for a coup by US-Iranian support

Tuesday, 08 July 2014 – SHAFAAQ-COM –  / A report prepared by “Stratfor” Institute known to be close to U.S. intelligence said that a “rumor” is currently circulating in Baghdad, including what sources mentioned by the institute about a coup that is being prepared in the country in the absence of the success of the political class in the formation of a new government .

The sources of the American Institute added that unlike other coups, the mentioned coup will not be led by officers but by senior officials in the Iraqi army.

The report quotes according to what seen by “Shafaq News”, that rumors about a senior military leader in Baghdad (Shafaq News will not refer to his name for the seriousness of the information) is the planer for this coup, which is supposed to be announced “as a contingency plan to cope the total collapse.”

“Stratfor” noted that there is a general atmosphere that wants the departure of Prime Minister, Nuri al-Maliki due to his policies that “incited Sunnis to rise up, or failed to stop it, according to the person that is talking to.”

He added that “Americans and Iranians … share those views.”  The report speaks of the “coup leaders” talk about the support of the Americans and Iranians, adding that it may serve as a junction of interests between the two countries in this circumstance