HSM: Every attack will be responded / PKK STATEMENT

12 April 2015 – Behdinan – ANF – HSMKK stressed that guerrilla forces abode by the ceasefire since 21 March 2013, while the AKP state and the Turkish army have on the contrary treated the process on the basis of various plans, tactics and games.People’s Defense Central Headquarters Command (HSMKK) has released a statement about the 11 April operation of the Turkish army in the rural areas of Mountain Tendürek in Diyadin district of Ağrı. HSMKK recalled that guerrilla forces abode by the ceasefire since 21 March 2013 as part of the process seeking a democratic resolution to the Kurdish question, while the AKP state and the Turkish army have on the contrary treated the process on the basis of various plans, tactics and games.

The statement emphasised that in the most recent process before the 7 June elections, the Turkish army has been creating controlled incidents as a requirement of the AKP’s new policy, while the AKP government with the support of the warmongering media distorted the situation and used it as a trump against the democratic circles in Turkey.

Referring to yesterday’s incidents at Tendürek rural in Diyadin, the statement remarked that the Turkish General Staff, Presidency and Prime Ministry evidently told a lie to the public opinion by stating that the clash was started by the guerrillas.

‘A preplanned pinpoint raid’

HSMKK emphasised that the operation in question was a pinpoint raid preplanned by Turkish officials, and started one day before the Spring Festival organised by the local people. “It is quite out of the question for the guerrilla who are currently in inactive position to join any festival or event. Besides, it is not within reason that they would threaten and force the local people, who are already patriot and democrat, to “vote for democratic powers”.

Quoting the HPG Press and Communication Press statement on the operation, HSMKK said that a clash erupted after the Turkish military opened the first fire at 3 am at the night of 11 April with an aim to kill the guerrilla unit there all together.

‘AKP and Turkish army conducting a joint activity in cooperation’

HSMKK remarked that the Turkish army’s attempt of such a large-scale operation revealed a deliberate activity jointly carried out by the AKP and Turkish army in cooperation, commenting this as the practice of the Turkish state’s new psychological conflict strategy against Kurdish leader Öcalan’s initiative that paves the way for a resolution to Kurdistan question and aims a strategic solidarity with the Turkey people.

“In consideration of the recent similar operations in Oramar, Haftanin, Mazıdağı and yesterday in Siirt, it is obvious from the clash started by Turkish soldiers in Tendürek that the AKP state wants to create a troubled environment, rise tension and thus open a way for itself as part of its electoral plans by means of a maneuver deceiving the society. The shed of blood of our martyr Cezmi Budak and the soldiers killed in clashes is a consequence of the dirty plans and policy of the AKP.”

HSMKK emphasised that by doing this, AKP tried to hinder the alliance of peoples and the rise of democratic powers within the HDP, adding that these efforts were however useless.

‘Struggle needed against the mentality wanting to shed blood for the sake of votes’

The statement also pointed out that the expansive attack at Tendürek which aimed to kill the group of 25 guerrillas, and to darken the free future of peoples has officially violated the conditions of ceasefire in effect since 2013 Newroz, and made it a basic duty for the Kurdish people and Turkey’s democratic forces to struggle against the dirty policies of the AKP and to support the democratic resolution process.

HSMKK called on all those oppressed by the system in Turkey, and all those siding with democracy to enhance the struggle against the disgusting practices of the AKP and the malicious policy that wants to shed blood for the sake of votes, and to object to the AKP and Turkish army’s statements based on lies.

Condolences to Budak family

Remarking that the local people manifested a praiseworthy stance by putting their own lives at risk to stop the clashes, HSMKK offered condolences to HDP Diyadin former co-chair Cezmi Budak’s family and the people of Diyadin and Kurdistan, and wished a speedy recovery to Cenap İlboğa who was wounded at the scene of the operation.

‘We will carry the struggle of comrade Canfeda to victory’

HSMKK commemorated HPG guerrilla Canfeda Serhat who fell a martyr in the Tendürek resistance, and vowed to keep his memory alive by carrying the Kurdish people’s freedom struggle to victory.

‘Every attack be answered’

Stressing that Kurdistan freedom guerrillas who precisely abode by the Democratic Resolution Process led by their leader will provide no ground for the games of the AKP state nor allow the realization of its dirty plans, HSMKK added; “Our patriotic people and the public opinion should have no doubt that Kurdistan freedom guerrillas will under any conditions answer those who are making plans on the basis of provocations, and respond to every attack on the basis of fair self defense.”