PKK official warns about Kirkuk’s fall after Islamic State captures Kurdish towns

MESOP 4-8-2014 – A member of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) leading official warned the fall of northern Kurdish city of Shangal will lead into the fall of northern oil-rich city of Kirkuk, now under the control of Peshmerga.

Suzdar Osta told Sterk TV that the Kurdish forces of Peshmerga should have stayed in Shangal and have defended the city against Islamic militants as the Yazidiz in Shangal are under threat.Shangal fell into Islamic jihadists yesterday as there was little resistance from Peshmerga in protecting the city.Warning that today it is not the time to think of party interests, Osta, also a Yazidi Kurd, asked for unity among Kurds and promised her party would defend the religious minority as “they have been massacred fro 72 times and we should not allow next genocide against them.” She further added that if Kurds do not protect Yazidis both Kirkuk and Syria Kurdistan would face a grave danger.