MESOP “PETER COOK’S STORY “ – US Defense official: ‘All’ Syrian Kurdish forces move east of Euphrates

30 Aug 2016 – WASHINGTON,— US-backed Kurdish forces in Syrian Kurdistan (northern Syria) have “all” moved east of the Euphrates River, a US defense official said Monday, an action Washington hopes will reduce conflict between two partner forces.

Speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss ongoing operations, the official told AFP the YPG had headed east over the past day or so.“All the YPG are on the east of the Euphrates,” the official said. Still, he said, some Kurds may remain to the west of the river, but these were not part of the YPG. Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook earlier said the YPG move east had “largely occurred.” The Kurdish YPG militia said on last week its forces have returned to their bases after the mission was successfully completed in Manbij.