MESOP : Peshmerga Won’t Leave Iraqi Disputed Regions

03.09.2014 – Mewan Dolamari – BasNews, Erbil – The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has answered a previously-given statement made by Hadi Amr, the Head of Badr Organization in Iraq, asking that Kurdish Peshmerga forces leave disputed areas in the battle-torn country. The KRG confidently replied that the Special Forces will not be leaving.

’Peshmerga forces won’t withdraw from the disputed areas and even if they do, it will be only be done by the order of Kurdistan Regional President Massoud Barzani,’ said the Official Spokesman of KRG Safeen Dizayi to Kurdish local media.Dizayi’s speech followed after Amri recently in a press conference that was held in Kirkuk stated that: ’We won’t allow Peshmerga forces to stay in the disputed territories without cooperation with the Iraqi Army.’’There is no decision made to withdraw Peshmerga forces from the disputed territories,’ said Dizayi. He continued: ’The Iraqi Army hasn’t been able to protect those areas, and Peshmerga forces have moved there in order to protect the life of citizens in the area.’ ’Only President of Kurdistan Region and Peshmerga Minister can command and move Peshmerga forces. Otherwise, no one has the ability to do so,’ added Dizayi.