Shiite Militia Commander: About 100 Iranian Advisers Participating in Tirkrit Operation / We Don’t Need Coalition Help: The commander of Shiite Badr Brigade Hadi Amiri

Basnews – BAGHDAD -11Mar 2015 – Hadi Amiri, the head of the Shiite Badr Brigade militia, claims that they don’t need assistance from the international coalition in fighting Islamic State (IS) militants. In an interview with CNN Arabic, Amiri said, “Our country [Iraq] can succeed in the fight against IS militants. Iraq does not need the help and supervision of the US in this war.”“Those who rely on US help to liberate Iraq may just as well depend on a mirage,” he added.

He went on, “We have Iranian military advisors. We are proud of them and thank them for participating in the fight. About 100 Iranian military advisers are participating in Salahaddin Province operation. Iran possesses more experience in destroying terror than any other country in the world.” In separate events, Commander Moein Kazimi of Hashdi al-Sha’bi said, “We are now able to listen to mobile phone calls made by Islamic State (IS) militants, causing them difficulties.” The Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey visited Baghdad recently and expressed concern that the role of the international coalition might be threatened by the rise in sectarian violence in Iraq.