U.S. still against Kurdish independence

26-7-2014 – Kurdpress – US government’s policy towards Kurdistan Region has not changed and White House is still against the region’s secession from Baghdad.

Despite a recent Quartz Magazine report that US stance towards the region’s oil sale has grown softer, US government official reiterated the state wants Kurds to remain in Iraq.“US will continue its threats to oil companies about buying crude from Iraqi Kurds,” White House Spokesman Edgar Waskelz told Wall Street Journal.US Secretary of State Secretary Advisor for Energy Affairs Amos Hastin too stated White House policy towards the Kurds’ oil sale has not changed.

Brett McGurk, a deputy assistant Secretary of State, told a Wednesday congress committee meeting that:”we discussed with Kurdish officials the way to deal with Baghdad in the future,” reiterating that Obama government believes the Kurds are better to remain in a united Iraq. He added to the committee that he believes the Kurds like to have their independent state and “we should understand this.”