MESOP : NO MORE HOSHYAR – NOT BARHAM – BUT SHIA – Shiites Win Iraqi Foreign Minister Post

04.09.2014 – Hoshmand Sadiq – BasNews, Baghdad – The Iraqi-Shiite alliance has won representation as the new Iraqi Foreign Minister, a position previously occupied by the Kurds since 2005.  

Ardalan Noreldin, Kurdish Member of Iraqi Parliament, told BasNews that it has been projected that all positions for the new Iraqi government will be formed by this coming week. He also revealed that most of the ministry positions have been outlined and Iraqi political parties have already agreed on who will fill the positions. The Kurdish MP said that the influential Shiite leader and the former Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari would become the new Iraqi Foreign Minister. Noreldin noted that the Iraqi Finance Ministry post has been reserved for the Kurds, but so far the Kurdish Regional Government hasn’t decided who to choose as their candidate for the position. In the last a few weeks, despite Islamic State (IS) attacks and violence, the Iraqi political sides are locked in talks and negotiations to form the new Iraqi government headed by Shiite politician Haider al-Abadi.