Peshmerga minister refutes trilateral agreement to fight Islamic State

4-8-2014 – Kurdpress – Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Peshmerga Minister Mustafa Seyyed Qader denied trilateral accord among Erbil, Baghdad and Washington in fighting against the militants of the Islamic State that are overrunning some northern parts of Iraq.

There is no such an agreement and reports about it are false, he told Kurdish website of Sulaymaniya, denying the news that US has agreed to send arms to Erbil if the northern Kurdish government cooperates with Baghdad in countering the militants.He further denied the ministry has received any request from the central government in asking the Kurdish ministry to send back the ammunition and arms the Peshmerga forces have seized in controlling the disputed region after the outbreak of the Islamic State insurgency in Iraq.It is worth mentioning that Ahmad Askari, the chief of Kirkuk province Security Council, told Kurdpress days ago that some of Iraqi army weapons were seized by people and the rest were sold by army members after their defeat from the militants and some Iraqi cities, including second-biggest city of Mosul, fell into the control of the militants.