EAST KURDISTAN (IRAN) –  Russia & Iran’s Temporary Marriage: Staying Together for Global Domination

12 Jan 2018 – CIPHER LETTER – Russia and Iran have forged a strategic symbiotic relationship anchored in economic, defense and energy cooperation. But as the Trump administration ramps up both rhetoric and sanctions on key figures and entities linked to the Iranian regime, and threatens to impose more – Washington could end up pushing Moscow and Tehran even closer together.

A common mission unites Moscow and Tehran: thwarting the expansion of western democratic systems, and raising their levels of influence at the regional and global levels at the expense of the United States.

The U.S. could aim to drive a wedge between the two nations, thereby limiting their joint adventurism in the Middle East. However, such tactics would require Washington to engage directly with Tehran, while excluding Moscow, something the current administration has not demonstrated a willingness to do.

Although the Russia-Iranian alliance is primarily one of convenience defined by mutual interests, the two countries stand to benefit from continued cooperation. The U.S. should not be surprised if it witnesses an uptick in Russian support for Iranian actions across the Middle East, especially in countries such as Iraq and Yemen where Iran is aiming to bring governments and populations into its Shia crescent.

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– Norm Roule, former National Intelligence Manager for Iran (NIM-I), Office of the Director of National Intelligence

– Steve Hall, former Member, CIA’s Senior Intelligence Service

– Robert Richer, former Associate Deputy Director of Operations, CIA

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