PKK’s Acts in Sinjar Go Against Yezidi Culture: Official – PKK shows no respect for Yezidi traditions and culture, head of Lalish Center says

Basnews English – 27/03/2017 – 12:15 – SINJAR — The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) is against the customs and traditions of the Kurdish Yezidi community in Sinjar, said an official from the Yezidi Lalish Cultural Center.

Omar Glo, head of the Lalish Cultural and Social Center for Yezidis in Sinjar, told BasNews that the Yezidi Spiritual Council and the entire Yezidi community call for PKK’s withdrawal from Sinjar as it is a major obstacle to the return of the IDPs and the reconstruction of the district. Glo said the abduction of Yezidi children and girls by the PKK and recruiting them in the military forces go against the culture of Yezidis, adding that PKK shows no respect to the traditions and customs of Yezidis.

Since the PKK guerrillas have entered Sinjar in the wake of the Islamic State (IS) attack in August 2014, the Yezidi community leaders and the officials in the district have repeatedly called on PKK to step out of Sinjar, but PKK insists on staying in the district.