MESOP NEWS : THE CAROUSEL GOES ON – SPEEDY ! – Iranian official asks for cooperation between Syrian Kurds & government

25 Aug 2016 – A member of Iranian Parliament’s National Security Commission, Heshmatullah Falahat Pishe stated that Kurds in Syria played a positive role in defeating the terrorist group of Daesh and it is sorrowful to see that Syrian army has attacked their positions.

He told Kurdpress that Syrian government should cooperate with Kurds in the country as the Kurds have played an indisputable role in defeating Daesh.Voicing his sadness for the recent clashes between Kurds and Syrian army in Hasaka, Falahat Pishe expressed his hope that such clashes would not occur any more.  He added that it is expected from Damascus to manage the Kurdish issue and do not let the coalition between Kurds and government against Daesh to fail.

Also a deputy from Western Islamabad and Dalaho, Falahat Pishe reiterated that war between Kurds and Syrian forces at the time will only boost terrorism in Syria and would weaken the coalition against the group.