MESOP NEWS : THE BAGHDAD – TEHRAN – PKK CONNECTION – Sinjar Mayoral Council Threatens to Sue Baghdad on Aiding PKK

Basnews English – 7 Jan 2017 – ERBIL — The mayoral council of Sinjar has threatened to file a complaint against the Iraqi government if it continues supporting Kurdistan Workers’ Party  (PKK) in the region, official said.

“Baghdad has been officially required to stop aiding the PKK or their government will be sued if it neglects Yezidi people’s will,” said Khalif Qasim, a member of the council.He explained to BasNews that the Iraqi government should support the Kurdish Peshmerga forces who are the legitimate forces in the predominantly Yezidi areas.

He argued that Baghdad’s continued support for the PKK can be interpreted as an action with ulterior motives. Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has recently stepped up the political pressure to oust PKK from the predominantly Yezidi areas where the party is being accused of provoking sectarian conflicts. PKK has already announced that it is in negotiations with KRG to peacefully withdraw its forces from Sinjar, but local officials claim that the party is yet to take any practical steps in this regard.