MESOP NEWS : Sunni tribal leader – Baghdad will fall, we don’t want to affect Kurdistan

30.06.2014 – Nuwar Faqie – BasNews, Baghdad – According to Dlemi tribe leader Ali Hatam Suleiman, the takeover of Baghdad by the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) is inevitable but stressed that he does not want this to affect the Kurdistan Region.

Suleiman revealed in a press conference in Erbil said capturing Baghdad by ISIS militants is Inevitable but they don’t want to something that could affect Kurdistan region negatively. “What has happened in Sunni areas is related to the Sunni revolution that is taking place and in the near future Baghdad will also be freed and there will be no one left to defend Baghdad,” said Suleiman. Suleiman also expressed hope that the crisis in Iraq would end soon and the people would cease to be oppressed. So far ISIS extreme group has captured Mosul, which is the third biggest city in Iraq and also captured some other Sunni towns in north and central of Iraq.