MESOP NEWS SOUTH KURDISTAN – Change rejects Iranian accusations to Kurds of collaborating with ISIS

13-8-2014 – Shafaq News / Change parliamentary bloc described statements of the President of the Iranian Security and Foreign Policy Commission in the parliament, Alauddin Boroujerdi, in which he said that the Kurds had made a mistake when they imagine that they can cooperate with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria “ISIS” organization  “, as “contrary to reality completely,” noting that Kurdistan region was and still first who stands in facing terrorism and extremism.

The MP of the bloc , Secretary Baker said in a statement reported for “Shafaq News”, that “Boroujerdi’s allegations make us understand that the Kurds wanted to cooperate with “ISIS” is “baseless and far from reality completely,” noting that “ Kurdistan Region was and still the first to stand in facing terrorism and extremism in all its forms.”

He added that the whole world knows the size of the sacrifices offered by Peshmarga forces today to protect civilians in cities, counties and villages from “ISIS” terrorists.He said the nature of Kurdish society is characterized by tolerance , peaceful coexistence and openness to all components are totally incompatible with the concepts of extremism and militancy, stressing that the people and government of the region will continue its war against terrorism “in high spirits and fighting spirit.”

He pointed out that the war against terrorism is “a national and historic significance responsibility to the Kurdish people.” It is worth mentioning that the United States , the European Union and many countries of the world declared their solidarity with Kurdistan region in fight against ISIS terrorists.