Rojava security official says Iranian project in Syria more dangerous than ISIS

ARA NEWS  29 July 2017 – The head of Rojava’s Asayish PYD/PKK Forces, Ciwan Ibrahim, said that the Iranian project in Syria is more dangerous than the ISIS’ project.“We have no problems with the Alawites on a political level, but rather our problem is with dictatorship. The Iran-led project has regional and international dimensions,” he said.

“According to our reports there is a sharp disagreement between the Iranians and Syrian Alawites, and I am sure if the situation escalates, differences will arise between the Iranians and the Alawites,” Ibrahim told the Saudi website Okaz.

The Kurdish official said there are differences between the Iranians and Alawites, but such rifts are not allowed to get public yet. “There are Alawite officers within the Assad regime who are displeased with the Iranian role in Syria,” he said.The official said that after the Syrian government controlled Aleppo, some security officers supported Russia, while others backed Iran.

Furthermore, the Kurdish security official accused Iran of being the mastermind behind clashes between the Kurdish forces and the Syrian army.“The mastermind behind all these clashes with the regime is Iran, which often plans, manages and leads such [sectarian] clashes on the ground [in northern Syria],” he said.

Furthermore, he denied there is an alliance between the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and Iran.“I confirm that the Kurds of Iran are in the preparation stage of a revolution against the Iranian regime,” the chief of Rojava’s Asayish said.Moreover, the official said that the current race between the regime forces and the Kurdish-led forces is over Deir ez-Zor, and not Raqqa. “The real battle is in Deir ez-Zor, which is an oil-rich area with natural resources, and the gate of Syria to Iraq, and the link between Arabs and Kurds in the Syrian land,” he said.

“This region is the most important area now, and that’s why the United States recognizes it, and acts on it,” he concluded. WATCH ALL