Assad Regime Aids Kurds Against Turkey: Report / SDF Nuri Kino

Basnews English 12/02/2018 –  ERBIL — The Syrian government has been helping the Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) against the Turkish army and its-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) attacks, according to Reuters. The government shows no sign of doing so, but it is providing help by allowing the YPG, civilians and politicians to reach Afrin through the territory it holds, representatives of both sides told Reuters.Lacking international protection, the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) told the agency that they have reached agreements with Damascus to allow reinforcements to be sent to Afrin from other Kurdish-dominated areas – Kobani and the Jazeera Cantons.

“There are different ways to get reinforcements to Afrin but the fundamental route is via the regime forces. There are understandings between the two forces … for the sake of delivering reinforcements to Afrin,” Kino Gabriel, spokesman for the SDF, said.

A commander in the military alliance fighting in support of Assad said “the Kurds have no option but coordination with the regime” to defend Afrin.Meanwhile, the report pointed out that the Syrian President Beshar al-Assad stands to gain while doing little. Furthermore, as Turkey launched an assault on the region on January 20, the Kurds asked Damascus to send forces into action to defend the border.