A contribution by our friend Barzan Slaeman:

The Kurdistan Worker’s Party(PKK) is now put to a test. Now that the Turkish president Erdogan has been given executive power, I actually want to see what PKK can achieve? PKK has collapsed a long time, when hundreds of Kurdish MPs including Demirtash were thrown in prison.

The key question is, what will the PKK do now, and what is it capable of doing? At this current stage, if they continues to stay silent, it shows that eventually the PKK is coming to an end.

What I see now is, their goal is to stabilize Rojava and take over Shingal. The PKK has long forgotten about its 25 million Kurdish population in Northern Kurdistan since late 2014, and has been focusing on Shingal. If they are capable of what they actually say, why is Demirtash still in prison? Why has the armed conflict technically ended since 2014 against Turkey?

Let’s find out who the PKK have become since 2014? And what they are capable of doing besides enforcing themselves in Shingal?