MESOP NEWS : PROFESSOR MICHAEL GUNTER AS A PROPHET ! – U.S. Government could ask Kurdistan Region to postpone referendum: daily (DAVID IGNATIUS)


27 May 2017 – The U.S. daily of Washington Post has reported that the country would likely ask Kurds in Iraq to postpone their expected referendum of independence until the Iraqi parliament elections are held. David Ignatius has written in an article that the Syrian northern city of Raqqa is the most important Islamic State (IS) base in the country and the terrorist group controls only a small part of Mosul and the U.S. has sent arms to Kurds in Syria and is determined to retake the control of Raqqa with the help of the Syrian Kurdish forces.

The writer has stated that the U.S. is concerned about the situation of these mostly Sunni regions in Iraq and Syria and is seeking to establish a federal system for the region and has therefore asked help from some countries of the region such as Saudi Arabia and Jordan in order to hold talks with Iraq and Syria Sunni officials.

Ignatius went on to add that the Iraqi Kurds’ determination to hold referendum will greatly influence the issue and therefore the U.S. would very likely ask Kurds in Iraq until the parliamentary elections in the country which is due to be held in September.

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