Assyrian Lawyer Detained By Kurds in Syria

By Paul Antonopoulos – – 2016-11-17 17:06 GMT – Assyrian lawyer Riyad Lahdo Ado from al-Malikiyah in Syria’s northeast Hasakeh province was kept in Kurdish custody for 24 hours before he was released on Tuesday November 15.The reason for the interrogation and interrogation is because an old land dispute with two Kurdish lawyers, where he had been successful in Syrian courts, according to Assyria TV.

The intelligence branch of the self proclaimed Kurdish PYD authority, titled Fer’ al-ma’lumat al-amni (Security Information Branch), called Mr. Ado to its headquarters in the oil rich town of Rmelan last Monday, where he immediately was arrested and interrogated, the Assyria TV report claimed. He was only released on Tuesday afternoon because of heavy pressure from the local Assyrian community. Ado told Assyria TV that this was a Kurdish power demonstration and abuse of rule.