MESOP NEWS : PKK CHIEFS STATIONED IN BRUSSELS : ZUBEYIR AYDAR & FARUK EYYUP DORU Gorran’s Governor Suspected of Links to Gang Insulting Kurdistan Delegation in Brussels


Basnews English –  23/02/2018 – – Reports –  ERBIL — The governor of Sulaymaniyah Province, Haval Abubakir, who is a senior member of the Change Movement (Gorran), is suspected of communicating with and facilitating a small group of gangs who insulted a Kurdish delegate in Brussels on Thursday.

While visiting the EU Parliament, Erbil Governor Nawzad Hadi was approached by a group of two who hurled ultimate insults. The abuse had seemingly planned to intentionally provoke the Kurdish delegation to the extent that it resulted in a physical clash between the gang and the Kurdish envoys there.

  Extrem right end: Faruk Doru – Center left of t he Lady: Zubeyir Aydar

The main abuser, identified as Ranjdar Garrawi, is an active member of Gorran. His Facebook activities and published pictures prove that he had been accompanying the Sulaymaniyah Governor Haval Abubakir for the past two days in the meetings held in Brussels.

A source told BasNews that Abubakir, who was accompanying the Erbil Governor, later stated that he had asked the Gorran members to avoid such actions, but in vain. The source also pointed out that the abusive protests were held without any official permission from Brussels authorities, and persecutions will be made soon.