KDP dispatches tanks and Peshmerga troops to Iraq’s Sinjar: report

18 May 2017 – SINJAR, Northwest Iraq,— The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) is dispatching tanks and troops from Rabia region on the Syrian border to the Yazidi Sinjar (Shingal) town center in northwest Iraq, Firat News Agency, close to PKK, reported. KDP has delivered 6 tanks loaded on trucks to Sinjar through the Rabia road. The tanks were deployed in Sinjar town center.According to reports, several tanks and armored vehicles are being kept waiting in Rabia region amid an increased military activity in and around Sinjar.The Rabia region is located between Syrian Kurdistan’s Hasaka city and west of Mosul. During Islamic State attacks on August 3, 2014, KDP’s peshmerga forces abandoned this region as well.Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units YPG/YPJ fighters then opened a corridor on Rabia-Jaza line, reached Mount Sinjar and evacuated the civilians into Syrian Kurdistan (Rojava).

It grabs attention that the KDP increases its military activities in Sinjar after KDP intelligence official Masrour Barzani’s visit to the US at the same time with that of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.Speaking at the think tank Heritage Foundation in the US, Masrour Barzani uttered the following threat against Sinjar: “PKK carries its problems into the borders of Kurdistan. Kurdistan Worker’s Party PKK does not provide support for the reconstruction of Sinjar and surroundings. We want PKK to respect the sovereignty of Kurdistan administration. PKK should leave Sinjar peacefully.”