PKK Planning to Extract KRG Crude Oil and Export It to Iran –  A PKK team is working on constructing a road for transporting the oil

Basnews English – 20 Sept 2016 –  ERBIL — Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) is planning to extract crude oil on the border areas in their control in the Kurdistan Region and transport it to Iran by tanker trucks.

According to some local sources, a PKK special team is constructing a new road of 5 km long expanding across the border areas of Kurdistan Region near Mount Qandil to Iran. PKK is planning to extract the Kurdish crude oil in Sargali area across from Zargali village on the hillside of Mount Qandil where the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) previously found oil fields, but PKK prohibited the KRG Ministry of Natural Resources to extract oil from that field.

The sources revealed that PKK is planning to transport the oil from Sargali to Iraq by tanker trucks after the road is constructed.  Saman Mohamed, the mayor of Warti district near Mount Qandil where PKK is stationed, said that PKK is keeping the areas under strict control, and allows no one to enter those areas, therefore PKK may well be conducting such a process secretly.  The official also revealed that he has been informed by the locals that PKK is planning to extract the Sargali oil and export it to Iran through tanker trucks, noting that the roads can be connected to the Iranian border in some areas through which the oil can be transported.