MESOP NEWS : Personal Intentions Behind Sacking the Kurdish Minister in Baghdad: MP / Shi’ite leader Nouri Maliki is behind the plot as he is wishing for a return to power

22 Sept 2016 – Karzan Hawrami –  BasNews – ERBIL — Following the dismissal of the Iraqi Finance Minister Hosyar Zebari, a Kurdish member of the Iraqi parliament says the case was personal rather than corruption allegations.

MP Parwin Khailani, from Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), told BasNews that except one question, the others were personal questions presented to Zebari during the questioning ceremony in the parliament. “The Parliament is responsible to oversee the performance of the ministries not to bring personal retaliations.”  She believes that the Shi’ite leader and former Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki is the mind behind the campaign that is committed to overthrow the entire government in hopes of returning to power.

The MPs who voted for sacking Zebari and former Defense Minister Khalid al-Obeidi are likely to continue the campaign against the minister of foreign affairs as well as PM Haider al-Abadi, the Kurdish MP said. Khailani also criticized a number of Kurdish MPs in Baghdad for voting against a Kurdish figure through which they served the interests of Maliki and other rivals. Shirin Raza, an MP from the Kurdish Change Movement (Gorran) previously confirmed to BasNews that they have voted for the dismissal of Zebari over corruption allegations. Their decision is said to be the result of political tensions between the Kurdish parties in Kurdistan Region that has affected the unity of Kurds in Baghdad.