MESOP NEWS : ONLY SMALL TOYS ? ! – US Provides Turkey with List of Weapons Sent to PKK/PYD- YPG

Basnews English –  03/08/2017 – 21:42 – ERBIL — The United States has rejected the media reports claiming that Washington had sent “tanks” and “hundreds of truckloads of weapons” to the Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG).

“The majority of U.S. military assistance, which consists primarily of light weapons and ammunition, has supported the Syrian Arab Coalition elements of the SDF. The Syrian Arabs who comprise the SAC are fighting to expel Daesh and regain control of their homes,” reads a statement by the US Embassy in Turkey.

“A much smaller percentage of weapons given to the Kurdish elements of the SDF are limited, specific to the task and are only provided due to their importance in helping achieve the goal shared by all of us – i.e., the capture of Raqqa and the destruction of Daesh. We continue to provide full transparency to the government of Turkey as to what weapons are being delivered to the YPG.” The statement also said that most of the trucks crossing into Syria from Iraq contain food and medicine supplies and not weapons. The basics are being sent to the internally displaced persons (IDP).