Date : 16.03.2017 – Source : Habertürk – Translation Method : Summary Translation

Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım answered the questions of Ciner Media Group Ankara representative on his way to Georgia.

Yıldırım indicated that Turkey fulfilled its part in the refugee deal with the EU and that Europe should leave its confusion aside in relations with Turkey.

Underlining Turkey’s efforts to keep Europe safe from the instability of the region, Yıldırım noted the following: “Unless Europe realizes Turkey’s sacrifice, it will have to bear the consequences. This is not a threat. Yet Turkey’s capacity is limited with regards to certain issues. If pushed too far, there will be consequences.”

Although March 18 marks the first anniversary of the refugee deal, not even €1 billion out of the overall commitment of €3+3 billion has been allocated in total, Yıldırım said and continued:

“We reached a deal on March 18, and one year elapsed since this deal. Turkey has been fulfilling its part of the deal and preventing refugees from crossing the Aegean Sea to Greece. Turkey has also signed the readmission agreement. EU pledged to extend €3+3 billion for refugees. According to plans, first €3 billion would be released until the end of 2018 and an additional €3 billion would be allocated in a period of 3 years. The process is moving very slowly and we are not even halfway in the plan. Although one year passed, we have not received even €1 billion in total.”