Germany Supports Peshmerga Until IS Eliminated: Consul General – “Germany has always supported and admired the Peshmerga,” Marc Eichhorn says

Leyla Hemid – 19/12/2016 – 19:21   |  Kurdistan – ERBIL — Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Erbil, Marc Eichhorn, promised on Monday that his country’s military support for the Kurdish Peshmarga forces will continue as long as the war against the Islamic State continues. The official said that since the Second World War, this is the first time Germany sends weaponry and ammunition to a war-stricken area. He mentioned that since the IS attacked the Kurdistan Region, Germany came to Peshmerga’s assistance with ammunition and sending military advisors to train Peshmarga.

“Germany has always supported and admired the Peshmerga, not only because they are the spirit of the fight against [IS], but also because they have proven to be a very efficient and also a very [disciplined] force,” Eichhorn told Kurdistan24. “This is the very basis for continued support of Germany to the Peshmerga during the fight against [IS] until it comes to hopefully soon end [sic],” he added. Germany was one of the countries which since the outbreak of the IS war helped the Kurdistan Region and Iraq by sending Millan anti-tank missiles among other weaponry. France, Italy, Hungary, the US, the UK were among the countries who provided arms and ammunition to Peshmerga.