MESOP NEWS : Massoud Barzani backs political process in Iraq

15-8-2014 – Kurdpress – Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani stated his support to the political in Iraq and President Fuad Massoum’s nominating Haidar al-Abadi to form government as next Premier, a Barzani office statement said Wednesday.

Speaking with US Vice President Joe Biden, Barzani discussed the latest Iraq development with the US official and expressed his support to political process, a change in the Kurdish official stance towards Iraq developments as he had repeatedly slammed the situation in Iraq and reiterated that the Kurds are seeking to secede political process in the state and “decide their own fate,” implying the establishment of an independent Kurdish state.

The statement further quoted Barzani as saying that the Kurdish region backs political process in Iraq and cooperates with all lines to form a new government that is “different from former corrupt and defeated governments.”Iraq helped the Kurdish forces of Peshmerga by sending arms and an air support to the Kurdish forces after they received a surprising defeat from the militants of the Islamic State in Shingal, Zumar and Jalawla, three cities formerly under the control of the Kurdish forces. Despite Erbil’s remarks after IS grip of Mosul, Iraq second-biggest city, and Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Foreign Relation Chief Falah Mustafa who stated Erbil will continue its bid for independence, US has repeatedly reiterated on Iraq’s unity and preserving the state’s integrity.