MESOP NEWS : KURDISH UNITY – Faili Kurds in Favour of Kurdistan’s Independence Referendum: Activist

Basnews English – 10/06/2017 – ERBIL — The Kurdish Shi’ite minority, better know as Faili Kurds, support the independence referendum set for 25th September this year in Kurdistan Region. Ismail Sayamir, a Kurdish Faili political activist, told BasNews on Friday that his community is delighted with the decision to hold the referendum, “especially those who are currently living in the Kurdish disputed areas of Diyala and Wasit provinces.”

Chaired by Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani, 15 Kurdish political parties held a meeting on Wednesday to announce the independence referendum to be held on 25th September. They also made it clear that the Kurdish disputed areas, which are outside the administrative rule of Erbil, will be included to allow the Kurds there to vote. “The Faili Kurds will vote “Yes” for independence… They have been suffering under the rule of current and previous governments in Baghdad,” he stated, noting that annexing their areas to a future independent state of Kurdistan is the only solution to bring them some hope.