MESOP NEWS : ISIL kidnap Naqshbandi leader in Kirkuk due to influence conflict

Shafaq News / 22.6.2014 – An informed source said early on Saturday, that clashes are taking place between the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant “ ISIL “and the Naqshbandi groupin a number of villages in Riyadh area southwest of Kirkuk.

This conflict between two organizations begun following the announcement of ISIL of confiscating weapons from all organizations and not to allow any activity of them only after allegiance to them.

The source told “Shafaq News”, that “ISIL organization and against the backdrop of kidnapping of one of the leaders of Naqshbandi organization, who is a member of the leadership of Iraq of the Baath Party , Sayf al-Din al-Mashhadani near Hamrin as he was heading to al-Dour sub-district in Hawija district. ”  9 elements of the Naqshbandi group and 8 of ISIL were killed yesterday in an armed clash between the two sides in Tar al-Baghel area in Hawija district.