MESOP NEWS : IS has kidnapped 2400 Yazidi women: official to Kurdpress

31-8-2014 – A Yazidi Kurdish official told Kurdpress that the number of women and girls, from the religious minority, abducted by the militants of the Islamic State (IS) are more than 2400 persons and there are more than 400000 Yazidi refugees in Kurdistan Region.The chief of Yazidi Affairs in Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Endowment and Religious Affairs’ Ministry, Khairi Bozani, told Kurdpress that the number of the woman and girls abducted by the terroristic group exceeds 2400 persons.

He went on to say the number of displaced Yazidis only in Shingal are more than 200000 people and added to the number are refugees from Basheqiya, Bakhraniya and Badizesh, reiterating that the number of Yazidi refugees entered Kurdistan Region has exceeded 400000 people.

Yazidis are a religious Kurdish minority in northern Baghdad and south of Kurdistan Region and Shingal is their biggest city. In an open letter to Iraqi Prime Minister-designate Haidar a-Abadi, Yazidi parliament deputy Vyan Dakhil asked for boosting attempts and finding a way to end the agony of the women and girls kidnapped by the militants. The deputy asked Abadi to form an operation room quickly to find a way to end the tragedy and “register your name (Abadi) in history.” Meanwhile a Kurdish parliament deputy Bisetoon Fayaq told Xendan website that the IS terrorists have abducted 500 women and have raped them, adding that there are pregnant women among the abductees.